I provide Trauma Therapy in Toluca Lake, CA

In quiet moments, I have tried to envision a world free from violence.  I am not talking about a science fiction world; I am contemplating this possibility for our world. At first the concept seems overwhelming. But when I break it down into the boundaries that we would have to respect for one another in order for this concept to come to fruition, it feels like a tremendous challenge, but not impossible.

A violence-free world would require a universal respect for boundaries. Physical boundaries would create barriers between us and those who would do us harm. Emotional boundaries would enable us to express our authentic selves and feel the gift of acceptance. Somatic boundaries would enable us to feel safe within our own bodies while also being able to reach out to others for physical connection when the moment was right and spiritual boundaries would allow for the diversity of beliefs without imposing one’s point of view on others.

It is the boundaries that we set that help keep us safe from physical, emotional, somatic, and spiritual violence. With some people and specific situations our boundaries must be impenetrable and others more flexible.

Trauma survivors have not known a violence-free world. Therefore, a critical goal in therapy is to work together to establish or re-establish those boundaries that were violated. It is important to identify what is and is not right for you and what you will and will not accept from others and yourself. Ultimately the power of healthy boundary systems enables you stay connected to yourself and connected to others. Boundaries are the best offense and defense for living a violence free life. If you are interested in learning more about my Trauma Therapy, please contact me for a consult.