My bulldog Scout knew by just looking at my face what I needed from him in the moment.

If I was feeling energized he’d meet me with a full body wiggle-walk (bulldogs have a “button tail” so they move their whole backside instead).

If I was feeling bored, he’d lay with his face on my legs and snore at a decibel that only a ‘Bulldog Mama’ would find adorable.

If I was feeling sad he’d stayed close. He’d plop down next to me leaving as little distance as possible between where I ended and he began. And really…how long can you stay sad when looking into the face of a concerned bulldog? (Did you see his picture??!!)

What my bulldog knew, that so many others who have cared about me have not, is that he didn’t minimize my concerns, tell me what I should have done differently, or grow impatient. He was just there. He was attuned to my feelings, reflected my concerns, and when I was ready to move on, so was he.

We all need emotional support. Life is too hard to go through it alone. So whether it is a bulldog, a therapist, or an important other…you deserve to be seen, heard, and understood without minimization, judgment, or impatience.

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