All of us who have struggled with the cycle of weigh loss-gain-loss-gain know the psychological burden of shame and/or dissociation (a mental disconnection from oneself). To prevent a lapse (a temporary, small to moderate weight gain) from turning into a relapse or collapse, it is critical to share your shame with a caring, non-judgmental other. None of us can heal alone. The antidote to shame is the compassion and empathy of another. It is so hard to do the opposite of what feels right in the moment. You want to isolate, but the best thing is to reach out. You want to give up, but the best thing is to keep going. We’ve all been there. As hard as it is to reach out for the support, it is well within your grasp. You will also find that some day soon you will be in a position to help someone else. We need each other and soon you will discover that as you help someone else you help yourself. We are a community with shared experiences and much diversity. There is great power and support in that connection.